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Kingston RAM may bring LibreOffice cppcheck batcher back from the dead

To bring my cppcheck rolling fcron job machine back to life, I bought $60 worth of RAM from Kingston, rather than send bad RAM (thanks, memtest86+, you groovy tool, you) back to Crucial first. So, after doing some Gentoo updating, which included a cppcheck version bump to 1.49, and a glibc and kernel bump, it …

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LWN: A Linux system running over JavaScript

Boot it. Then read about it on LWN. X86 emulated in JavaScript. Stupefyingly stupendous. Bravo!

Too much cloud, not enough silver lining

Dropbox Accused of Lying About Security What? A business lied about their product to gain advantage over competitors? I’m shocked. Shocked, I tell you! 😉 Self-managed encryption FTW.

My .screenrc

I often work a lot in GNU Screen, and have for years. It is a really well built, feature-filled program which allows a user to have multiple managed virtual text terminals. Screen allows users to detach from the master terminal, and screen’s virtual terminals will continue to run unaffected. A screen session on the remote …

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Fun with Debian on a SheevaPlug

I’ve had a SheevaPlug “Dev Kit” since April, 2010. I ordered it along with the GuruPlug Server and Server Plus Heaters (not ready for prime time, unless you’re cooking steak). I hadn’t had a compelling use for it, so other than playing with it the first week, it sat idle. OK, really, that’s not true. …

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