Linux Systems Consultant!

That's me.Do you have a new startup that needs to bootstrap its service infrastructure? Are you a Systems Administrator, and need another pair of eyes to help solve a problem (and prevent its recurrence)? Do you need someone to watch over a large-scale “pizza box” server deployment? Would you like to solve your growing storage problem? Do you need a solid monitoring and trending system set up, with pretty (and pretty useful) graphs, flexible alerting and easy post-install administration? Are you bedeviled by Linux kernel device support? Do you want to stop fiddling with each server as it is built, centralize server configuration, and automate service deployment (and de-deployment)? Do you have network ghosts and goblins haunting your production network? Do you want to assess Amazon Web Services (e.g. EC2, S3), SoftLayer, RightScale, Digital Ocean and other Infrastructure-as-a-Service solutions?

My name is Jesse Adelman. ilikelinux Consulting, part of Bold and Busted LLC, is my San Francisco Bay Area company, and I am proud to offer you the powerful benefits of my 16 years of career Systems Administration and automation experience. As we work together on your projects, you’ll note that I am consistently able to move very quickly through projects, and provide usable, easily read documentation such that other mid-level Linux administrators and developers can maintain systems I build for you. Of the many core concepts I’ve made part of my everyday work, creating documentation as I work is one of the top. Many administrators with less experience think of documentation as a post-project task, but I firmly disagree, and require it to be part of any work I do.

As you can see from my resume, I can move easily from the high-level tasks (like designing and building a custom rack-mounted high performance, pulled-the-power-plug-from-the-wall verified fault-tolerant, 5 second automatic IP failover, 2 server DRBD mirrored, battery-backed 14 drive SAS drive Areca RAID-5 with hotspare, IP-based, 4.5TB usable NAS for under $15K in 2008), to the mundane (like creating a hard drive erase farm with shell scripts and USB-to-IDE/SATA cables, tuning Apache and MySQL for high application performance), to the sublime (like coordinating the donation of over 80 servers to a local community non-profit). My first consultation with you and your team is free. You can call (415) 634-0810, e-mail While I may be working with clients, I’ll be sure to contact you soon! 🙂

(Oh, and if you’re looking for help for your non-profit/SOHO desktop-y systems, see the Hyde to my Jekyll, where I work to liberate progressive non-profits and small companies locked into proprietary solutions from the pain these systems often cause.)


Jesse Adelman
Chief Tech
ilikelinux Consulting
(a division of Bold and Busted LLC)
tel: 415-634-0810