My .screenrc

I often work a lot in GNU Screen, and have for years. It is a really well built, feature-filled program which allows a user to have multiple managed virtual text terminals. Screen allows users to detach from the master terminal, and screen’s virtual terminals will continue to run unaffected. A screen session on the remote hosts you connect to is very good for performing work which cannot be interrupted by communication issues between you and the machine you have a shell session on. Among other valuable uses, including session logs.

Here’s my current .screenrc:
defflow on
scrollback 65535
caption always " %?%F%{.R.}%?%3n [%h]%?"
password [no you can't see it]

This gives me 65535 lines of scrollback buffer. This is terribly useful during package installs, or reference in long interactive sessions. “defflow on” disables the function of XON/XOFF (ctrl-S/ctrl-Q), which can cripple a screen session if you’re not careful. The caption is harder to show without an image. Basically, it displays each virtual terminal’s number (1, 2, 3, etc.) and <user@hostname:pwd>. I set a password just to make it a bit harder to get in to my detached screens. Dunno how strong or weak that actually is.

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