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Creating a KNOPPIX or FreeDOS USB Stick in Linux

Using a variety of tools. Big head start given by Requirements: The software I used to successfully install onto my PQI I-Stick 2.0 and onto my Lexar JumpDrive Lightning is, as of this writing, of very recent vintage. You may have success with older versions, but, of course, they may or may not work. …

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Importing MediaWiki Meta Help: Namespace without overwriting content

These are the steps needed to import the MediaWiki help pages from Who this is for You’ll need to know a bit of MySQL, have a working Java installation, and have a working MediaWiki installation. These instructions are for those who already have content in their MediaWiki, and wish to preserve it. The instructions …

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Tips for using MySQL with MythTV

Please understand that mucking about with your MythTV database without knowing what you’re doing (or making a backup) can ruin your weekend. Versions: MySQL 4.X (should work with versions up to and including 5.0.X) MythTV 0.18.1 (should work with versions up to the 0.20.X series) Official MythTV Document sections: Removing unwanted channels Saving or restoring …

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Clef two-factor authentication