Category: Linux

Aug 04

Making an orchestration sandbox

So, I’m finally making a configuration orchestration lab. I’ll play around with Puppet, and perhaps Chef. I’ll try Vagrant to manage a virtual network of virtual hosts to play with. (I saw Vagrant demonstrated at DevOps; looked nifty.) Plus, I get to play with more of the Ruby universe, rvm and friends. Should be fun; …

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Apr 16

My .screenrc

I often work a lot in GNU Screen, and have for years. It is a really well built, feature-filled program which allows a user to have multiple managed virtual text terminals. Screen allows users to detach from the master terminal, and screen’s virtual terminals will continue to run unaffected. A screen session on the remote …

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Jan 10

Fun with Debian on a SheevaPlug

I’ve had a SheevaPlug “Dev Kit” since April, 2010. I ordered it along with the GuruPlug Server and Server Plus Heaters (not ready for prime time, unless you’re cooking steak). I hadn’t had a compelling use for it, so other than playing with it the first week, it sat idle. OK, really, that’s not true. …

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Jul 27

P7120D xorg.conf

Yeah, it’s ugly, but I thought others might make use of the xorg.conf from my groovy little fanless laptop, the Fujitsu Lifebook P7120D, running Gentoo Linux and xorg-server 1.2.0. I based this off of an xorg.conf I found on the web last year, and has been edited (a lot) as I found new information. This …

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Jul 26

Asterisk, the incredible convergence machine

So, I finished my first run-through of getting an Asterisk PBX set up in my home. With the awesome community resource, the book Asterisk: The Future of Telephony, and, of course, Asterisk’s own documentation and configuration file comments, I built myself a much more well-featured answering machine. 😉 Initially, I purchased two pieces of …

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